Hilltop Tabernacle

Hilltop Tabernacle
Michigan, Benzonia, Benzie
(+1) 231-383-4026
7383 Hoadley Road, Benzonia, MI 49616

About me

Hilltop Tabernacle is located in Benzie county of Benzonia city. You can find Hilltop Tabernacle at 7383 Hoadley Road, Benzonia, MI 49616. To contact us, you can use the phone number (+1) 231-383-4026, httabernacle.com website .

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Hilltop Tabernacle is a non-denominational Christian church located in Benzie County. Best church in Northern Michigan, in the town of Benzonia. Traverse city church. Hilltop is grounded in the Word of God, the Holy Bible, and is a spirit-filled church accepting all people. A tabernacle is a dwelling place for Father God and Lord Jesus Christ to have a permanent presence. The Hilltop Family is committed to opening doors, opening minds and opening hearts to create a life of victory. An active Ch

Address Information

  • State : Michigan
  • City : Benzonia
  • County : Benzie
  • Route : Hoadley Road
  • Street Number : 7383
  • Zip Code : 49616
  • Address : 7383 Hoadley Road, Benzonia, MI 49616

Contact Information

  • Phone : (+1) 231-383-4026
  • Website : www.httabernacle.com
  • Facebok : http://www.facebook.com/hilltoptab
  • Twitter : https://twitter.com/hilltoptab
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